Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sunday Scribblings-Miscellaneous

Helloooo....anybody out there?

Oh, there you are! How kind of you to stick around after I've rudely ignored you all for the entire week. I do apologize for neglecting this space - in all honesty, I've been a bit consumed with that
new blog of mine. You know how it is with fresh toys, they're new and exciting, and ever so much fun. That's how it is with Bookstack, and if you haven't been there yet, you should go! Really, you should.

But I promised myself I would not neglect the Byline. If Bookstack is my place to blog about all things bookish, well the Byline is for blogging about...well, everything else! All the miscellaneous and sundry things that happen in an American woman's Life in General. So thanks
Sunday Scribblings, for giving my muse a well needed push in the proper direction.

A couple of my
regular blog buddies have written about their efforts to incorporate exercise into their lives, and so I've been thinking a bit about "healthy lifestyles." We're on a bit of a health makeover at our house these days too, instigated largely by elevated cholesterol levels (both of us) and a recent diagnosis of pre-diabetes (just Jim).

I've had varying degrees of success with weight loss programs. Probably my most successful initiative was just after my son's birth, when I lost about 45 pounds, and then managed to drop an additional 15 over the next several years. But after midlife, I've found weight is much harder to lose. I get frustrated very easily at the lack of progress.

So, I'm approaching this a different way, trying to adopt better eating habits and an exercise program as part of an overall plan to improve general health and well being. (And who knows, perhaps I can trick my body into thinking I really don't care if it tones up or not.)

Yesterday morning, I went walking, and it felt wonderful! The air was cool and crisp, I was all alone so I could clip along at a good pace, swinging my arms merrily, watching the herons tiptoe around the edge of the ponds. Great stuff!

Along my route, I pass the community's fitness center, where stationary bikes and treadmills are arranged around the perimeter of a large bay window overlooking the main lake, providing a view of the sparkling water as you pedal or trudge away. From the corner of my eye, I can see legs busily pumping, arms swinging, wires from headphones trailing along in rhythm.

I've been one of those people on occasion. But you know, I sometimes think about the absurdity of the whole concept of "working out." Perhaps it's because I'm only one generation removed from farmer's, people who walked miles every day in the regular course of their daily life, who got plenty of upper body toning in scything and hoeing, and did their riding on horseback, actually going somewhere in the process. How they would stare in disbelief, my grandfathers, at these automatons in their shiny workout clothes!

And I think the only way an "exercise program" can work for me is if it comes naturally, is almost intrinsic, like walking or dancing. Bike riding is great, because it involves forward movement, and I like that-gives me the sensation that I'm doing a lot more than I really am. I have trouble with exercise equipment that just "stands still." I guess I'm not a stationary kind of girl.

I hope to keep up my walking and biking, although it's much more difficult in the frozen waste-oops, I mean wonderland-that is Michigan in winter. Harder yet is keeping my husband on a lean diet. Who would have believed a grown man could react so childishly to mashed potatoes and Oreo cookies (or more precisely, the lack thereof).

There, I think I've effectively taken a broom to the stray thoughts that have been circling in my mind, and gathered them up into a neat little pile for you to read.

Hope you enjoyed the miscellaney!



Blogger Shari said...

Good for you - getting yourself out in the frozen wonderland to exercise. I just can't bring myself to do it. The cold weather is too good of an excuse to not exercise. I used to love to walk. I used to stay fit walking 45 min. a day. But, at some time in the last years, I stopped. It sure would be good if I could get motivated to walk again.

Blogger Inland Empire Girl said...

I am like you. I love to walk and want to walk, but right now it is too cold and too icy. I guess I could walk up and down the hall at school. I am off to your other blog.

Blogger bella rum said...

Walking is the best exercise for me. I used to do it on a regular basis. Like most things, it works if you're consistent. Being consistent is my greatest challenge. I too have been given a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. Off we go, doing the best we can.

Blogger Beautiful Witch said...

I have found making exercise FUN is the key for me - I don't want to be one of those people pounding away a the gym on the treadmill. I am planning on trying a trampoline class soon! Good luck with your exercise and well done for making some changes. I know how hard it is.

Blogger Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I think you're right - exercise and healthy eating are best when they become an intrinsic part of how we live. Enjoyed the miscellaney & alway love your thoughts! JP/deb

Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, I have been thinking about starting an exercise program too...but like you say, 'program' just sounds so artificial. Maybe I need to just...walk. So thanks for the inspiration.

And I need to check out your other blog!

Anonymous gautami tripathy said...

Well, I don't complain. I like your other blog too and I loved the meme!

I have an exercise regime for myself. I walk 45 minutes daily. Jog for two days a week. I avoid fatty foods. I mostly go for freshly made ones. In India, we seldom have tinned food.

Arty? Not me!!

Blogger Sherry said...

I always love your miscellany Becca!! Exercise is a pain (in the quads!!! LOL!!)...but walking -- I love doing that but found after cancer treatment I have lingering problems with my feet (neuropathy) so that stopped being effective for me. Eating well, walking, moving -- and I'm like you -- I either need to be seeing something or have something that occupies my mind while I'm doing something - it's vital. I need to fool my mind into thinking it's doing something interesting!!!

And after midlife?!? It becomes even more of a challenge!!

Blogger tumblewords said...

Sounds like you've had a busy time - I'll check out the Bookstack when I leave here - There's nothing like cholesterol to encourage exercise - I do a bit of yoga, some treadmill, a little rebounder and a lot of 'tomorrow, for sure' thinking! Good luck!


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