Sunday, January 21, 2007

Creating Connections in the Monday Mug Swap

A couple of weeks ago, I signed on to particpate in the Mug Swap at Create-A-Connection*...and...TA DA! my mug has arrived! Sent to me from Diana, this bright red beauty will hold enough of my favorite blend Gevalia coffee to get at least one eye open in the morning! And (lovely person that she is), she sent along the matching red bowl as a bonus. Wonder how she knew I like oatmeal to go with my coffee??

Thanks Diana!

Diana also tagged me for the "six weird things about you" meme. But that's going to take some thought~after all, there's nothing weird about me! (LOL)

*Create-A-Connection is a fabulous new blog with daily topics designed to inspire our creative connections with other artists and writers. Connections like these are incredibly empowering, and the world of blogging is an amazing way to create exciting new parternships in creative thought.



Blogger turquoise cro said...

That SWEET RED set will come in handy on Valentine's Day which is just around the corner! I Like oatmeal on the week-ends and in snowy weather best! LOL xo, Cinda

Anonymous Paris Parfait said...

Love the bright cheery red! And oatmeal-haven't had that in ages, but I like it, especially in cold weather. Must look for some here.


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