Thursday, December 27, 2007

Frump City

The mirror is definitely not my best friend these days. With great dismay, I feel myself drifting across that invisible line into OL-ism. Perhaps it's the elastic waist pants I've come to favor, taking great pains to conceal the waist band by layering blouses over T-shirts. Or maybe it's my hair, which seems bent on misbehaving badly in the Florida humidity, turning my usual soft waves into unmanageable frizzy curls. My skin looks unhealthily pale amidst the sunshine and bright colors of the tropics, and my makeup seems fruitless in its quest to conceal an ever growing numbers of lines and creases.

I don't consider myself terribly vain about my appearance, and although I like to dress stylishly, I'm not a trend fiend. I generally buy a couple of nice pieces a year, at Talbots or Coldwater Creek, and the rest of my clothes are pretty casual pants and sweaters which suit me for work and for leisure activities.

But in the past few years, it's become more difficult to stay current without looking ridiculous. The new "baby doll" tops are a case in point. I wore that very same style in the late 60's when I was a tiny waisted teenager. The effect now is simply not the same. I merely look like exactly what I am - a slightly puffy middle aged woman trying to appear stylish. Sad.

A while ago I saw an elderly woman ( a real OL!) tottering through the airport in spike heels, tight black low rise pants, and a fake fur jacket. My god, I thought, spare me from ever being so foolish! At least elastic waist pants don't send everyone around me into fits of derisive laughter.

Nevertheless, especially when I'm here in Southwest Florida, a land of beautiful people wearing very expensive clothes, I feel especially old and out of date. I haven't updated my Florida wardrobe in a few years, and it's in desperate need of revitalizing. I simply must have one or two outfits to wear downtown for dinner at
Bistro 821 or lunch on the patio at Campiello's. But I dread the whole shopping experience, which just serves to make me feel frumpier than I already do.

Alternatively, I could just stay home, which becomes ever more appealing as the crowds and traffic thicken for the "season." Then I can be comfy in my old (elastic waist) Capri's or the soft, flowy cotton sundresses my daughter-in-law brings back from Thailand.

Besides, frumpy feels better than fashionable anyway.



Blogger bella rum said...

Oh, I can not tell you how much I relate to this post. Comfort is my friend.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't like to shop either - but it's not because I can't find the right fit. It's because I'm not the best at putting an outfit together. So, I like to step outside my box and take a friend with me to a store I normally would never visit. I get a new outfit, and an honest opinion. Maybe you and your daughter in law could take an afternoon shopping trip?
(bella xo)

Blogger Tammy said...

Frump? I don't think so! You can't compare yourself to people who live there and elastic is in. lol Ok, in my world anyway.

Florida sounds like heaven, even at Christmas, but driving would have killed me (I'm like a 5yr old). I'm glad the pups travel well.

I loved our Christmas color wheel and I'm glad you enjoyed "the other woman." I'm not quite there yet. lol XXOO

Anonymous June said...

I so know how you feel!! The body's not cooperating like it used to. And to add to the body thing,that my wardrobe is really lacking diversity and you've got trouble. Used to be it didn't matter so much...though I've never been chic, I could throw anything on and look good. Now, it seems that no matter WHAT I throw on, it looks bad. I've never been a clothes hound, but in Florida, you are apt to need more than in Floyd. I related too to your debate about going vs not. Fortunately, I've caught myself and have tried to maintain the attitude of: it is what it least for now.

Blogger michele tune said...

Frump is fine, Becca! Who doesn't love comfort? And... you know those ladies in those heels are just miserable!




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