Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Busy Day

I'm quoting my son's blog, when I say that "it's 2:20 am, and I'm sitting at my computer. What a dumbass." I'm also quoting my son when I say that, "for reasons unknown to me, I'm really wired."

I have been relentlessly running my little engine since about 6:43 am yesterday, when Magic awoke me by doing the "fwap fwap" (that means shaking his head really fast) right in front of my sleeping face. Needless to say, that aroused me right away. Luckily, my beautfiul Cuisinart programmable coffee grinder/maker was ready, set, and on its mark, so coffee was pouring into the carafe by the time I found my slippers and shuffled to the kitchen.

I finished the first cup in relative peace, sitting on my back porch and enjoying the sounds of summer waking up to another beautiful day (I love Michigan this year!) But by the time my eyes had finally opened all the way, my brain had shifted into overdrive, and I was itching to get the day underway. Since school is out, Monday is a "day off" for me. So, here's what I did on my day off:

  • Made my husband some breakfast and made a quick sweep of email and blog friends while he ate;
  • After he left for work (finally!), swept and washed the kitchen floor and scrubbed the bathroom;
  • Stripped the sheets off the bed and threw them in the washer;
  • Started thinking about haiku for this week's prompt at One Deep Breath (ODB);
  • Hung the sheets on the line in the backyard;
  • Drove to FitZone for Women and exercised for one hour;
  • (Took One Deep Breath);
  • Made lunch at home and took my (healthy) tuna on lettuce with tomatoes and a hard boiled egg to the patio and read three chapters of Poemcrazy while I ate;
  • Had a piece of my mom's homemade apple pie for dessert (so long healthy lunch and exercise);
  • Hoovered ( I like this so much better than saying "vaccumed," and I do use a Hoover) the whole house;
  • (Took One Deep Breath);
  • Drove my mom and I to the market where I shopped for fresh fruit, veggies, and some treats for my work lunch tomorrow;
  • Finished three of my haiku for aforementioned ODB;
  • Tossed in one more load of laundry;
  • Transcribed a tape of dictation from my boss;
  • (Took One Deep Breath);
  • Finished up three more haiku for ODB; responded to emails from blog friends;
  • Prepared dinner (homemade pizza, one half with the works, the other half veggies only);
  • Finished one last haiku for ODB;
  • Took all laundry off the line; dressed the bed with sweet smelling sheets;
  • (Took One Deep Breath);
  • Husband's home - eat dinner with him and feed dogs;
  • Try in vain to get a picture to post on blog; finally give up and post all haiku (pictureless) on ODB;
  • (Took...)
  • Clean up the kitchen, water all the flowers, and finally get the mail;
  • At last, sit on the backporch with a cold chardonnay, watch the fireflies come out, and get some really great thoughts about a poem...

So here I am, several deep breaths later, still typing away. And, it's only four more hours until that Cuisinart coffee maker goes "click" and a new day begins...


Blogger Star said...

My, what a busy day! You are cordially invited to bring your Hoovering, washing, line-drying, food preparing (vegetarion only please), floor scrubbing, sticking to your diet, put those sunny-smelling sheets on the bed skills over to our house any day of your choosing. Wow; you are a regular whirlwind!

May I draw your attention now to the comment I posted on your haiku post? Take no notice of the comment, but DO notice the Vulcan mind meld we are apparently still experiencing as witnessed by my posting time (it says 2:35, it was actually 4:39).

Since I wasn't sleeping anyway, I got up about 2:10 to catch up on my blog reading but got waylaid IMing with my mother (since she was also not sleeping).

Shall we coordinate plans for today or just play it by ear? :-)

Blogger deirdre said...

You did all that and wrote poetry as well!?! Holy smokes! What a sense of accomplishment you must have.

Blogger paris parfait said...

Ah, Becca you're putting us all to shame! What a busy, productive day! Awesomely impressive. Your writing is so creative and beautiful - I really look forward to reading your posts. Am glad you're enjoying your "off" days this summer - you must be a real human dynamo in your "on" days! :) Tara xo

Blogger bella said...

Several deep breaths later - wow what a day. Your haikus were great BTW.

Blogger Madeleine said...

A day off is never really a day off, is it? You mananed to start and end the day on a beautiful note, though. I often stay up very late, usually blogging, knowing full well the alarm is getting set to go off, but can't seem to let go of the day quite yet!

Blogger Tammy said...

Whew! All in one day? I'd be gasping, not taking one deep breath :) You rock!


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