Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Counting Down From 10

I feel like writing, but don't feel like thinking too hard, so I'll give this meme a try - it's been making the rounds of some of my favorite blogs lately. Here's my version:

10 Favourites

Favorite season: Spring, with fall a very close second
Favorite colour: Turquoise, like a cloudless spring sky
Favorite time: Sunrise
Favorite food: Pasta with a rich sauce
Favorite drink: Dark roast coffee in the morning; cold, buttery chardonnay at night
Favorite ice cream: Not much for ice cream, but mint chocolate chip is my usual pick
Favorite place: In the US (so far), San Francisco; abroad (so far), the Southeast coast of England
Favorite sport: I'm horrible at sports. I love to walk and bike, if those count
Favorite actor: It's a tie between Jimmy Smits and Hugh Grant
Favorite actress: Julianne Moore and Sally Field

9 Currents

Current feeling: Wired
Current drink: The above mentioned chardonnay
Current time: 11:20 p.m.
Current show on TV: I'm not watching it; but my husband is watching something really noisy!
Current mobile used: Motorola
Current windows open: Blogger, and MSN
Current underwear: The usual "old lady pants" as Bridget Jones would say
Current clothes: Super comfy knit gaucho pants and cotton T
Current thought: Is it that late already?

8 Firsts

First nickname: Sunshine
First kiss: Dave, 8th grade
First crush: Chris, the older man (I was 7, he was 9)
First best friend(s): Lisa and Jill
First vehicle I drove: 1972 turquoise chevy Nova
First job: Teaching piano lessons
First date: First real date- Jim, the guy I married three years later
First pet: Our cocker spaniel, Ginger

7 Lasts

Last drink: Water, before the chardonnay
Last kiss: From Kana, my friend Leigh's baby daughter; last "real" kiss was my husband, this morning
Last meal: Dinner - minestrone soup, warm bread with olive oil to dip, eaten with my friend and her 20 month old daugther;
Last web site visited: Paris Parfait
Last film watched: I can't even remember; I watched an old episode of West Wing last night
Last phone call: My mother
Last TV show watched: Rescue Me

6 Have you evers

Have you ever broken the law: Does speeding count?
Have you ever been drunk: Only slightly
Have you ever kissed someone you didn't know: Don't think so
Have you ever been in the middle/close to gunfire: No, thank goodness
Have you ever skinny dipped: No
Have you ever broken anyone's heart: Not to my knowledge

5 Things

Things you can hear right now: TV from the other room, a distant leaf blower
Things on your bed: One sleeping shih tzu, my work clothes which I haven't put away
Things you ate today: Salad, soup, bread, watermelon, and a package of animal crackers when I was restless at work
Things you wouldn't want to live without: If we're talking inanimate objects, then my piano, computer, books, car and cell phone
Things you do when you are bored: I can't remember when I last felt bored

4 Places you have been today

My mother's house, work, a restaurant, my friends house,

3 Things on your desk right now

Books, picture of my son (aged 2), my notebook

2 Choices

Black or white: Black

Hot or cold: Cold

1 Place you want to visit

Picking only one is a very tall order. I'd really love to go to Greece someday.


Blogger Star said...

Thanks for sharing. I keep reading these, but somehow I haven't been inspired to write one. Maybe someday...

I remember the turquoise '72 Nova; when I was in middle school the high school quarterback drove one. I thought he was a hottie so naturally the Nova was instantly hot with me also.

Blogger paris parfait said...

I'm so glad you did this, Becca! It's fun getting to know little details about each other.

Blogger Naturegirl said...

By sharing I now know about you. I enjoyed your haiku in a previous post! I am just beginning to compose but have not the nerve to post yet.

Blogger Tammy said...

I loved getting to know Becca better. We watch Resue Me too :)


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