Saturday, August 12, 2006

Grateful Saturday

I've been inspired by M's lovely Grateful Friday posts, and decided to end Friday/begin Saturday with one of my own. I'm grateful for:

  • Having my son and daughter in law here for a good long visit;
  • Everybody in my family (doggies included!) being healthy right now;
  • The past several days of cool, clear weather, truly Michigan summer on its best behavior;
  • A stack of fresh new books from the library;
  • Tomatoes in the garden;
  • Grilled salmon dinner from Mitchell's Fish Market last night;
  • The promise of my mom's honest-to-goodness Kentucky fried chicken for Sunday dinner - (does it seem like I'm hungry here???);
  • My laptop, which allows me to work outside on the patio instead of being cooped up in the house all day;
  • The work of UK Intelligence, which thwarted a horrible terroist plot - brilliant job!
  • This community of brave writing women across the globe who continually inspire me to explore my thoughts, expand my horizons, and expound on life in general!


Blogger Tammy said...

I'll be right over, let me grab my purse! Real southern fried chicken...woosy :) Great list!

Blogger paris parfait said...

Beautiful blessings for which to be thankful, indeed. Thank you, my friend, for sharing your lovely words and insights with us all.

Blogger Madeleine said...

mmm i wish you hadn't mentioned food, as i'm now dribbling onto my keyboard with lust.
sounds like some pretty good things to be grateful for, my love.
laptop in the garden is now next on my list, (after raiding the fridge that is!)

Blogger bella said...

Beautiful list, so much to be thankful for. Enjoy your chicken! Sounds so delish!

Blogger deirdre said...

Your gratitudes are wonderful ... and yummy. (I'm hungry too.)


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