Monday, August 7, 2006

One Deep Breath-The Scenic Route

photo courtesy of stock.xchng
I always recommend taking the scenic route when time allows. You never know who you might meet along the way!
Lazy day hikers
traipse through the cow pasture
wending their way home.
Back roads and byways
expand pilgrims horizon
transforming the journey.
Short cut through the park
must stop to feed ducks!
days ends with a smile.


Blogger jzr said...

I love the idea of traipsing thru the cow pasture ... once in college my roomate and I had a picnic out in a big meadow and along came a herd of cows that surrounded us and just stared at us!!

Blogger Catherine said...

Oh, I'd love a "lazy day hike" right now - except that it is cold, wet and miserable
Nice haiku

Blogger bella said...

Great Haikus Becca. They left me feeling like I spent a great day hiking in the woods. Loved them.

Blogger Jennifer said...

wonderful haiku... Now I want to take a country walk...

Blogger madretz said...

I'd love to meet crowd of friendly cows...imagine the photo opportunities. :)
Fun haiku!

Blogger paris parfait said...

I like all your haiku - very creative! But I don't like meandering through a cow pasture - the reality is you must watch where you walk, lest you step in a big mess! :)

Blogger Star said...

I'm with PP, my encounters with cows have ended with cow patty in one state or another on my shoes or socks or legs or pants or all of the above. For me, they are best viewed from the other side of the fence. They can make nice fodder for haiku, however, as you've shown.

I've got to get my own brain cells out of "park" and into "drive." I haven't written anything for SS or ODB yet this week. I'd cop to being busy, but I know I can't be busier than you are this week!

Blogger Tammy said...

These were lovely. You captured the scenic route on foot beautifully :)

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Blogger susanlavonne said...

I LOVE these, Becca! It has been difficult to post, let alone look at other's work...I realize how much I have truly missed it :-)


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