Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Write on Wednesday - Writing Even When I'm Not

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet here at the Byline. In fact, last Wednesday, I mentioned the "b" word that strikes fear in the heart of every writer. In thinking about writing and living over the past week, I don't believe I'm "blocked" as much as I am "busy," that life with all its mundane burdens has simply dulled the creative senses. And I'm really tired - physically and mentally. So I'm not stressing about the lack of wordplay in my mind, but I am trying to rejuvenate my body and spirit, so they will be habitable abodes for the muse once more.

Even though I'm not actually writing a lot, I'm trying to do things that nurture writing, that keep the seeds watered, even if they're still lying dormant in the fallow ground of my mind. Things like these...

  • Reading books and poetry, because great words written by others always inspire me...
  • Doing morning pages religiously, because I love them, and I nearly always learn something surprising about myself and my life...
  • Sleeping! that's right, I've been going to bed early rather than staying up until all hours blogging. I've had a couple of fascinating "sleep epiphanies," when I find myself partially awake with a beautifully crafted sentence or line of poetry in my head. Sadly, I haven't yet been able to rouse myself enough to write them down, but it's been an exciting gift to have them arrive in my brain, unbidden...
  • Listening to music~not the music I'm playing for school, but real music. It's surprising how rarely I listen to music, which is unfortunate - listening to good music is just as important to a musician as reading good books is to a writer. So I took my book CD out of the car and replaced it with a rather eclectic collection of music CD's...The Dixie Chicks, Josh Groban, Vladimir Horowitz, The Eagles, and Simon and Garfunkle. Something for every mood...
  • Being still~there is so little time to be quiet, to be alone with no demands for my attention. I've been longing for some "moodling" time, to take a long walk or bike ride, perhaps go to a local park and explore a hiking trail, or try out the new coffee shop that just opened nearby...

Nurturing myself, inside and out, giving myself positive sensory input, allowing myself time to absorb life and its experiences are all ways of feeding my creative soul.

How about you? What are some of the ways you "write", even when you're not??



Blogger Star said...

I'm in a period of recharging my batteries right now also. My journal receives my only thoughts right now, and sometimes even those are sparse.

Like you, I'm aiming for extra sleep (got my first good night's sleep in a week last night!) and reading (which I haven't done in SO long). One more thing I've been trying to do, odd as it may sound, is trying not to focus on anything in particular. I feel like my brain has been running on overload for far too long and I've tried to set aside the heavy thinking in exchange for just being in the moment.

A long walk or bike ride sounds wonderful. If circumstances conspire, I'm going to enjoy one (or both) soon.

Blogger deirdre said...

I've written whole stories in my dreams, even seeing my hand holding the pen, but then can't remember them in the morning.

I write in my head all the time, letting sentences form and drift through my thoughts. It makes for some delicious daydreaming.

Blogger MSU gal said...

based on my post today,
it was fate that led me
to your post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look at nature to recharge my writing batteries. I find that just staring at flowers, stones, trees, water-- anything outside-- gives me a sense of calm that leads to clarity of thought.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I SO needed this post. I'm feeling guilty about my lack of writing, but honestly, I am just feeling burnt out. Madam has a bad cold, with all of the moodiness and crankiness that entails. And there's a sort of sour taste in my mouth and a stuffiness in my head.

I'm tring to just read--novels, poetry, anything. My morning pages have become these labored things, not sure what is going on there.

I look out the window a lot--May is gorgeous so far.

Blogger Tori said...

Honestly, I write all day at work in my head and often can only transfer a little bit of it onto the screen each night.
I actually am approaching a few days off from work and am very much looking forward to my moodling.

Anonymous bella said...

Hey Becca - I'm so glad you're doing things to nurture you. I'm sure you'll be back into full writing swing in no time.
It's also nice to just read about 'you' and how you spend your days.
I don't really have any ideas that help when I'm feeling blocked.. I just stay away from the computer for a few days before I start missing blogging. Then it seems I have too much to say.
Nice to see you back.

Blogger paris parfait said...

Sounds like you're doing all the right things to encourage creativity - and take care of yourself. And I write in my head a lot, running from the shower to scribble down notes before I forget or interrupting washing dishes (sigh) to write something down. I save these little snippets for when I have time and energy to actually sit down and write.

Blogger jzr said...

Nuturing onrself is the very best thing one can do every single day. In order to be there for others we have to be there for ourselves first!!

Blogger Bibi said...

I think everyone needs this kind of time to replensih the well.

One of the best ways for me is to be in nature ... away from tourists and crowds of pleasure seekers. Just me and the dog and nature, especially around the ocean.

Having said that, one of the most invigorating breaks for me was when I went to Manhattan by myself and played tourist for 5 days.

Just depends what kind of 'energy' I need to inject into myself.

Take care of yourself, Becca! I'm sure when 'you're back' you will benefit from your time away.


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