Tuesday, April 3, 2007

One Deep Breath-Spring Sounds

I love waking up to the joyful conversation of birds in early spring...you can tell they're excited about nesting, loving the warm breeze, and looking forward to a tasty breakfast of plump worms (yum!)

spring sunrise
bird's chorus sings
joyful alleluia's

Equally joyous are the sounds of children's voices from the elementary school down the street,
raised in excitment at the promise of warmer days to play outside, and spring vacation coming soon.

eager young voices
all a-twitter
on the playground
for more sounds of spring in haiku, click here



Anonymous bella said...

Such beautiful haiku to read on a lovely spring day. I loved them both.

Blogger Star said...

Two very welcome sounds of spring. I love hearing the birds in the morning also; the cardinal especially has such a joyous song to sing in spring, and sometimes I swear our blue spruce out front could lift off if all the birds unseen among its branches were to take flight at once.

Some much-needed cheerful haiku on a blustery day here.

Blogger Star said...

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Blogger Remiman said...

You hear the uplifting sounds up and down the street. Good descriptive haiku.

Blogger Tammy said...

I love waking to a beautiful alleluia. ;) Delightful sounds of spring. xxoo

Blogger Marcia said...

Sounds of spring I look forward to.

Blogger Shaz said...

All this talk about spring when I am headed towards winter is weird but I love love love it.

Blogger Regina Clare Jane said...

It is fun to hear the laughing and playing of children! Like birds, they greet each new day with wonder and joy!
Just beautiful, Becca!

Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...

I like that you used the word twitter for the children.

Blogger Ally Bean said...

The theme of your poems is so universal-- birds and kids always twitter when happy.

Anonymous get zapped said...

I really like these and that last on in particular. Such a cheerful sound, and loud!

Anonymous Sandy said...

Sounds wonderful! Don't know what our birds are thinking today, we are getting a snow storm.


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