Friday, June 23, 2006

Grateful Friday

Grace to experience the joy and beauty of summer
Relaxation, which I, in my perpetual busy-ness, need to remember is necessary
Antiques, especially the lovely tea set I found at an estate sale
Terry cloth towels, which feel so good when you climb out of the pool
Exercise, which gives me so much energy when I can motivate myself to do it!
Friends, those near, far, and in cyberspace
United Kingdom, my most favorite country to visit (so far!)
Lipstick, the glossy kind with tiny sparkles

Fresh fruit and vegetables, already appearing at the Saturday farmer's market
Reading, and the extra time I have for it now that summer is here
Inspiration, to write, to make music, to garden, to do all the things that add beauty to life
Digital - cameras, tv's, dvd's, computers
Anticipation, of all the good things yet to come
You and me and all the things we can accomplish if we work together!


Blogger Star said...

Thank you for the words of gratitude. I may take you up on your Y notion.

I've been working through Journalution by Sandy Grason and have just come upon a portion about manifesting our dreams (actually I was reading ahead because I can't decide who the 5 people are I would like to have an intimate dinner conversation with so I can write about it :-) ). As a part of manifesting your dreams she suggests writing it out and looking at it every day and then getting together with friends (or cyberfriends) and sharing your dreams and the manifestations you have written. Each friend agrees to review their own and those of others daily. Sort of like "think power" I guess. Anyway, I've stated it poorly here but may come knocking on your cyberdoor.

Nursing home hunting went well today and we found there may be some helpful things to delay a permanent placement that will help ease my mother's situation for a time. Thanks for your support, Becca!

Blogger deirdre said...

A good reminder of the good things. I like this.

Blogger Jennifer said...

Great list. I love farmer's markets!


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