Friday, July 21, 2006

Poetry Thursday (on Friday!)

In preparation for traveling yesterday, I had very little time to prepare or peruse poetry for this week's prompt, tempting though it was! Today, we were out and about here in the tropics of South Florida and sought shelter from the regular afternoon thunderstorm by spending some time browsing in a local bookstore. I headed straight for the poetry section (which was quite extensive, oddly enough)and came across this gem of a poem that captures the very sensusal nature of a couple dancing. The poet, Kathleen Norris, is the author of Dakota, a very fine book about her spiritual journey.

The Dancers

We are curious about one another's bodies
but courtly now,
assume the prescribed position:
your hand on my body,
our fingers meeting, holding in air

We move where instinct moves us
on the stage-lit dance floor,
the strong farmer's son
and preacher's daughter
holding each other gingerly,
keeping distance like possibility
between us. I would like to feel your blonde head
between my legs, hear
animals breath
in the fields around us
as we get up, shivering,
and the moon steps down still hungry
in the pale grass.


Blogger Star said...

Sounds like you're making good use of your relaxing weekend, rain or not. Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.

Blogger Madeleine said...

what a great little poem, all those unspoken feelings and thoughts which pervade our minds and which perhaps are never spoken.
i love the sexual tension in this...and we've all experienced this!
hope you're enjoying your time!

Blogger jzr said...

A great poem. I'm going to have to look for this book!

Blogger Tammy said...

This was indeed a gem. Sweet is what comes in my head first. Lovely too.

Blogger paris parfait said...

You chose a great poem, with so many things left unsaid. Lovely!


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