Monday, August 28, 2006

One Deep Breath-The Faces of Humanity

Cherished young life
experiences unfold
promise to fulfill

I had an unexpected opportunity to visit with my friend Cara today (you can read more about Cara here) and was reminded once again what a bright light she shines into the lives of her family and friends.

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Blogger Bibi said...

What a beautiful young girl ;-)

Anonymous bella said...

What a sweet, sweet girl Cara is.
Beautiful haiku.

Blogger Catherine said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful flower, beautiful photo...(oh yes, and a lovely haiku to go with it, too)

Blogger susan said...

your sentiment and its expression are as lovely as this charming little girl :-)
glad to see you are enjoying your "final days" (don't anyone feel too sorry...she's just going back to school...not anywhere nearly as blissful as Heaven yet!)xo

Blogger paris parfait said...

Becca, such a lovely young girl, with a poignant story Your haiku beautifully expresses Cara's journey and the bright path ahead.

Blogger ian russell said...

a beautiful portrait and a wonderful haiku, becca. :o)

Blogger Tammy said...

I've been catching up and what a treat your sight has been :)

Loved your poem on time, it fit my summer perfectly. Well done!

We can think we let go of things but our dream monsters tell the tales :) Great picturetrail!

Beautiful story, picture and haiku :)

Congrats on your summer goals, you did great!


Blogger M said...

What a gorgeous face!! And such a touching story and haiku to go with it. Cara means friend in Irish, I think.
Loved your monster post as well. And thanks for coming by my blog, I love getting your comments.

Blogger Star said...

Trouble posting comments today--uggh!

Beautiful haiku for a beautiful girl. I recognized her immediately from the picture you posted earlier this summer. So much promise in those eyes.

Anonymous Sandy said...

What a unlifting story. Being the mom to an adopted daughter, this really hit me. I too, have always wanted the birth mom to know her child was doing well.
Sounds like Cara is having a great life. Thanks so much for sharing your haiku and story.

Blogger Helen said...

Love this haiku. Expression done well. She is a beautiful you girl and blessed to have her friends and family

Blogger Jennifer said...

so sweet and lovely, very pretty portrait.


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