Thursday, August 24, 2006

Checking In

Drum roll, please. It's here. The last weekend before school officially starts. So - it's time to return to this post, and see how I did on all my ambitious summer plans. And yes, I promise to be brutally honest (ouch! some of this is going to hurt, I just know it).

1. OK, here's the skinny on the weight loss. I have been very faithful about going to the gym, and I'm really proud of myself. Actually, I like going over there three mornings a week and getting all hot and sweaty. I feel good when I leave, both mentally and physically, and turns out my blood pressure is about 10 mm/hg lower than it's ever been, which my doctor says is because of the exercise program. the three months that I've been doing this, I have not lost one pound!!!! I did lose one inch, which is (very) moderately satisfying. I will not be buying a new wardrobe, however. My old one fits me just fine - in fact, a little better than before.

2. The photography project - well, half the time I forget to take the darn camera when I go somewhere. Case in point - my dear friend's surprise 40th birthday, which turned into a surprise engagement party! And where is my camera - at home, on the kitchen table.

3.Beethoven Piano Sonata - uhh, piano? Is that the hulking piece of furniture in my living room with about three inches of dust on those black and white keys?

4. Reading Charles Dickens, specifically Bleak House, in tandem with the BBC tv series - the first DVD was pretty good, but the book (even in papeback) nearly broke my nose when I dropped it on my face after falling asleep while reading it.

5. The second half of the above resolution was to get more involved in poetry - YES! I did this one! I've posted something on Poetry Thursday every week this summer! (whew!)

6. Cooking more often and more healthy - I like cooking, I really do. If someone would just go to the market and get all the things I needed , I would be so happy to cook any recipie in any cookbook. But, since I have no designated shopper, I often get frustrated about all the thought I need to put into my grocery list and opt for take-out from Szechuan Empire instead.

7. Spending more time with those I love - Again, some congratulations are in order. I have indeed spent lots of time with M& M, and I've dutifuly visited at least one elder relative each week. So, one gold star, teachers, please.

I suppose I could be really disappointed in myself. Percentage wise, I think I'm at about 30% as far as completion of my appointed tasks. Of course, I knew when I wrote that post that I was pretty likely to fail. But I don't really care. At least I cared enough about my life and my future to think about it and make some kind of plan for it. There have been times in my life when I was either to immature and ignorant to do that, or too scared and heartsick to do that.

So, I'll congratulate myself on the things that I did, and file all the rest onto my list for January's resolutions!!!

Some photos to remember my summer by:


Blogger susan said...

Personally, I think you deserve an "A" for even creating a list and a "plus" for sharing it..twice no less!
A HUGE congrats for the exercise...that one obliterates any future attempts that don't "stay on schedule."
You most deservedly have earned a massage :-)

Blogger paris parfait said...

I left a comment earlier, but Blogger crashed and burned in the midst of it - then said the server was down. Sigh. In any event, I think you've accomplished quite a lot during your summer! Very impressive and inspiring to the rest of us.

Blogger Star said...

Blogger has been messing me up all day. I see you posted this Thursday, but it just came up in my Bloglines this afternoon. Go figure.

I think you've done very well in your achievements. And you're certainly not scoring a zero on the picture front if you got this groovy picture thingy going on at the bottom of this post!

I grant thee one giant gold star ;-)

Blogger jzr said...

Becca, I think you've done a great job and hope you don't kick yourself for what didn't get done. I look at lists this way: They're a list of things we need or would like to do and we can do as many or as few as time and energy permits. The things that don't get crossed off today go on tomorrow's list. There is no such word as failure. We do what we can do, the rest will simply get done or not at a later time.

Blogger Becca said...

Thank you all for your affirmations! I am not kicking myself (as I might have a year or two ago) - one good thing about getting older is that I'm much easier on my old self :) LOL

Blogger deirdre said...

I thought it seemed like a pretty ambitious list at the beginning of summer, and I'm impressed at how far you made it through. Congratulations are definitely in order.

Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

i agree with Susan, to create a list means to have a desire, and that is what i need to whip up! Your honesty allows us to encourage you and try harder ourselves.

Thank you for leading the way.


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