Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Scribbblings-Who Else Might I Still Be?

In March of this year, I celebrated my 50th birthday, although in the time leading up to that date, I didn't feel as if there were much to celebrate. Until I reached this milestone year, I used to see time strecthing before me like an endless road, so I didn't worry about postponing my plans to write, or travel, or make music, or see friends that lived far away. I figured I could always do that "later." But when I became 50, it seemed as if that endless road of time was being gobbled up, and I was traveling down it at warp speed.

I started this blog on my birthday, and I described myself as an "American woman, newly embarking on the second half of her century here on earth." So, if that description is right, and I'm to have another 50 years here, who else might I still be?

I might still be an author, who writes books that speak to the deepest feelings and concerns of other women.

I might still be a musician that plays music people all over the world would love to hear.

I might still be a grandmother, who can provide love, and encouragement to another child in her life, and provide a little wisdom along the way.

I hope to be a better wife and partner, one who is more encouraging, more understanding, more creative about life and loving.

I hope to continue being a fun, loving, mother, and never become a burden or drain on my children's time, energy, or patience!

I hope to be a patient and supportive daughter to my parents as they struggle with old age, and I hope I can find the strength and fortitude necessary to do what needs to be done to ease their passage through this stage of life.

I hope I can remain young in mind and in spirit (well, body would be nice, too!), and not become so deeply grounded in my beliefs and habits that I don't allow myself the opportunity to experience new things in the world around me.

I hope I can be loving and forgiving of myself, when my careful plans for life go awry. I hope that gray hairs, stiff limbs, and a few extra pounds don't cost me my self-esteem or my hard won self-confidence.

Most of all, I hope I'm always willing to learn something new, step outside whatever box I'm in at the moment, and love with all my heart.

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Blogger Susannah said...

"Most of all, I hope I'm always willing to learn something new, step outside whatever box I'm in at the moment, and love with all my heart." - an inspiring post, B, and this last line particularly resonated with me... loving with all our heart - that's the key isn't it x

Blogger Gemma said...

Becca...Enjoyed this very inspirational post. We tend to be on the same page about things.
:-) Maybe its wisdom that comes with age(tee hee)

Blogger deirdre said...

If this is what 50 brings, well, I'm not so worried about it now.

Blogger Madeleine said...

And i really have no doubt that you will be/do these things. You have to much invested in your life, present and future, to ever become stagnant or jaded. the love for your family and life shines through in every post you write. you are inspiring as a mother, writer and friend.

Blogger Tammy said...

Another inspiring gift from one woman to another. I know the second half will be wonderful because you are a special woman. I'm thrilled to know you and these other inspiring women :)

Blogger Andrew said...

"I hope..." I think that is one of the healthiest ways to start a sentence in the English language. If we have hope, then we can put up with a lot while we wait for our hopes to come true.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Blogger Star said...

I can see all these things happening for you, and much more! You seem to have a new zest for life and all that is out there waiting to be discovered. I wish you the time and good health to explore every nook and cranny.

Thank you for your inspiration.

Blogger paris parfait said...

Becca I'm sure you will accomplish all those things, with your positive outlook and loving heart! Your post is beautiful and inspiring - like you! xo


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