Friday, October 6, 2006

Poetry Thursday (friday)-The Body

Artists attain a unique kind of immortality. The writer, particularly, because the reader makes a tactile connection with the words. By holding the book in our hands, breathing our breath onto the pages, we make a bodily connection with that author, living or dead. I wonder if those writers who have left their bodies behind can feel those connections, somewhere deep in their repose?

It will not remain on the earth
this body of mine,
these connections of sinew, blood, and bone,
this particular arrangement of genetic material
aligned to imprint
dark hair, fair skin, green eyes,
and the tendency to cry easily.

One day long after this body has gone,
a book opens.
The whisper of a readers breath flutters the page,
while eyes eagerly drink words
that once flowed through my veins.

A pinpoint of light pierces my darkness,
a feather-light tickle stirs my soul,
and for that moment,
I live again.


Blogger Susannah said...

this is simply gorgeous ... x

Blogger Star said...

Beautiful, Becca

I was delighted by the last line "A pinpoint of light pierces my darkness, a feather-light tickle stirs my soul, and for that moment,
I live again"

Your time away surely agrees with you!

Anonymous my backyard said...

I think many of us can agree with the desire to live on through our words

Blogger Tammy said...

WOW! This stole my heart for it has been my wish. Star highlighted my favorite part. Excellent piece!

Blogger twitches said...

I like this - I am a bit obsessed with the idea of death, and I love your take on it and how you worked it into the prompt. Cool!

Blogger jzr said...

Absolutlely gorgeous and from the heart!! Great work!!

Blogger susanlavonne said...

this gave me goosebumps! the good kind :-)
hope the trip was relaxing!

Anonymous bella said...

This is beautiful, Becca. From start to finish, I relished every word.

Blogger paris parfait said...

Stunning poem, Becca! Wow! xo

Anonymous Becca said...

a marvelous poem ... there is a sense of immortality in writing.

Blogger Bibi said...

Interesting question about dead authors ... and beautiful, beautiful poem.

Blogger Jennifer said...



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