Saturday, October 6, 2007

Into the Future!

When I was growing up, my grandparents lived with us, and while it was perhaps not the greatest thing for my parents marriage, it was a gift for me. I was the only grandchild they had, so naturally they thought the sun rose and set at my feet. And yes, according to conventional wisdom, they "spoiled" me ~ not so much with material things, as with love and attention, which are certainly greater gifts in the long run. My grandmother often stayed up nights with me, comforting me with stories during my frequent asthmatic episodes. And she was the one who started me off on the piano, teaching me "Amzing Grace" and "The Blue Danube" waltz.

My son also had the benefit of a close relationship with his grandmother, who lived just a short bike ride away. My parents were literally the only babysitters Brian ever had, and he considered their house "home." My mom was always available with a listening ear, a hot meal, and, yes, some extra cash if needed. She still delights in pampering him with his favorite foods, and has been busy shoring up the pantry in preparation for his visit next week.

Grandmothers have been very important in this family.

Now, it's my turn. This morning, Brian and Nantana called with the splendid, thrilling, exciting, and joyous news that they are expecting a baby!

Grandchildren are marvelous additions to any family. But when you're an only child who is the daughter of an only child, the wife of an only child, and the mother of an only child~well, do the math. There are very few of us around the table at holiday time.

So I'm more than excited about this baby. In many ways, I'm just plain relieved. Brian has no siblings, no cousins, no aunts or uncles - when Jim and I are gone, he would be completely alone in the world. Thinking about that was heartbreaking to me.

But now - no worries. Children are the link to the future, your best "insurance policy" against isolation and lonliness.

And yes, selfishly, I wanted all those unique and wonderful traits I love about my son - his creativity, his intelligence, his independence and quirky sense of humor - to be passed along, to continue to exist in the world. Combined with Nantana's good sense, determination, and caring nature, and with who knows what combination of characteristics from his or her Asian-Armenian-English-German-Irish-Scotch heritage - well, this child is bound to be quite a person.

I can hardly wait!



Blogger Star said...

Woohoo! I know you've been waiting for this moment. Congratulations to all of you :)

Blogger Michele L. Tune said...

Congratulations, Becca! Keep us posted ;-)

Smiles & Blessings,

Anonymous JHS said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I relate . . . I have one sister. No cousins. Hubby is an only child. Now that all the parents are dead, for holidays we only have 9 people: Our 2 families and my oldest nephew's girlfriend. It's pretty quiet.

Congrats on the impeding arrival. That's very exciting news.

Blogger Catherine said...

Congratulations! I have five adult children, but no grandchildren yet - I think I put them off children by having so many :)

Blogger jzr said...

Fantastic news, Becca!! Grandkids are soooo wonderful and I know you are going to have a great time with them!!

Blogger Tori said...

Congratulations Becca!!!! I am so happy for you. You and my parents are both on the same time frame for becoming grandparents :)
And I am going to be an aunt then too!!!!
It is so exciting.

Anonymous MissMeliss said...

I was not the only grandchild, but I was the favorite grandchild, mainly because my mother was a single parent, and we were /there/. Location is important in more than real estate, you know?

Congratulations hereby heaped upon you.

And thank you for your kind words at Universal Blend. I'm hoping to have the first draft of the book finished by Halloween.

Blogger Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Many wonderful, champagene-popping, fireworks-lighting, dancing-in-the-streets, congratulations on your upcoming grandbaby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you. xx, JP/deb

Blogger susanlavonne said...

And what about all the "goodies" this child will be inherting from the Grandmere?! Musical talent, compassion, quick wit, and, of course, an impeccable way with words.
Congrats and hugs to ALL!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, congratulations! That is one VERY lucky baby. :)

Blogger Star said...

Back to add that I visited the Oddball this morning and saw the baby ticker at the top--how sweet is that!? :) Can't stop smiling for you.

Blogger Becca said...

THANK YOU, for all your congratulations and good wishes!

It's fun to have something so exciting to look forward to.

I'm contemplating a visit to Babies R Us this afternoon ;) Just looking...

Blogger paris parfait said...

Oh, Becca what wonderful news! Congratulations to Brian and Nantana! And grandparents are so important in a child's life - how lucky you are and how lucky the child will be. xo

Blogger Tammy said...

Oh Becca, this made my day! I'm sick from my flight home but had to get up to say CONGRATS grandma! It's a whole new level of love!

I'll be back after this nasty bug!



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