Monday, December 31, 2007

Outside the Oasis

There are a plethora of gated communities here in Florida, man made villages of homes tucked behind lush landscaping and pastel colored stucco walls. Many of them are associated with golf courses, and the astronomical maintenance fees that go with all that. Our community is not such a one, but, in my estimation, the lack of golf greens is more than assuaged by the miles of inland lakes and arched bridges. Within easy walking distance are tennis courts, fitness center, and a large, sparkling pool. Also a cafe to grab lunch, and a salon for hair and nails. Add to that a bank, post office, gas station, and life is nearly complete within the confines of these five square miles. Real estate advertising often refers to Island Walk as "resort style living," and that isn't hyperbole.

So we find ourselves rarely venturing outside this oasis. It's our personal paradise, quiet, calm, and lovely. The city of Naples is a continual bustle of beautiful people enjoying their very riche lifestyle, and I certainly don't fit into that mold. It's fun to watch (for a while) but it's not me.

The outside world intruded on us yesterday morning when we awoke to find egg splattered on the screen of our lanai and on the slider door outside the master bedroom. This happens occasionally in our suburban Detroit neighborhood, and we shake out heads but aren't terribly surprised.

We were surprised that it happened here, and aparently we've developed a false sense of security. Island Walk is obviously not as insulated from "the real world" as we liked to believe. And while an occasional egg tossing/toilet papering spree isn't the harbinger of doom, it serves to remind me that perfection is simply not possible-even in "paradise."

So I'll adjust my expectations a bit. After living on planet earth for 50-plus years, I'm accustomed to doing that. We cleaned off the screens without too much fuss, and used the opportunity to hose down the lanai floor (which needed doing anyway). The dogs had great fun playing in the water, and now everything is clean and shiny once more.

Except my image of our oasis, which is just slightly tarnished.



Anonymous Star said...

This is the second incident of egging that I've read about today--must have been a full moon last night or something (the other incident was in British Columbia, so completely unrelated it would seem).

I'm glad you were able to wash it off and put it behind you :)

Blogger Tori said...

Happy 2008! and please, please soak up a bit of that warmth for me.

Blogger Inland Empire Girl said...

Enjoy your stay and all the warmth. Happy New Year!

Anonymous June said...

My car got egged in my driveway a while back. What made it particularly distressing was that the egg's impact left a set of circular scratches on it...I get to relive the event every time I look at it.

Looks like our warm weather's going to disappear tonight.

Blogger GreenishLady said...

Sorry to hear your paradise was invaded, but glad you were able to clean up relatively easily. This is a universal phenomenon (is it a phenomenon if it is universal?) My car was egged a few months back - just as I drove home from a trip to the car-wash. Uck!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Blogger paris parfait said...

Oh it's always sad when one's illusions are shattered. Hopefully it was just some kids making a little too much merriment for the new year! It sounds like a lovely place and hope you enjoy the rest of your visit (better than a Detroit winter, right?)

Anonymous KG said...

I'll second Tara -- I bet that was just kids playing pranks.

Have a happy new year, Becca! Here's to more sunshine and lots of words in 2008.

Blogger bella rum said...

I guess this sort of thing happens everywhere now. I'm glad you didn't allow it to bother you too much. Enjoy that warm weather while you can.


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