Friday, September 1, 2006

Grateful Friday

I love fall. Cool, crisp breezes that invite warm sweaters and extra big mugs of coffee in the morning. Blazing red and gold foliage, flaming in the sun. Back to school, with crisp new notebooks and sharp, woody-smelling pencils. I think I would not like to live in a place where there was no fall.

So, I was grateful today, on our walk in the park, when I spied this first frosting of red on these trees overhanging the river. I made Magic and Molly stand in one spot far longer than they liked while I took some pictures. I wondered why these branches have turned to crimson so much earlier than the rest of the tree. Are they forward thinkers, setting the standard for other limbs to follow? Are they early birds, eager to show off their colors before every one else? Or are they simply aging more quickly than necessary, giving up on the effort to stay green?

As much as I love fall, I am not immune to it's bittersweet nature. It's nature's last hurrah before the frosty months of winter, and I do not love winter. So even though I welcome these dusty red tipped branches, I also want to tell them to be patient, to hang onto their verdant green leaves as long as they can. To be grateful for life, in all its colors.


Blogger deirdre said...

Oh, I hate the thought of winter around the corner. I'm just not ready yet. And though Autumn is my favorite time of year, really, we're still supposed to be having hot (and I mean Hot) weather here. Foggy mornings and 90 degree afternoons. It's a little hit and miss this year. Strange weather. I think that tree would have stopped my in my tracks too.

Anonymous JourneyThroughLife said...

Such a wonderful description of fall. Really enjoyed reading it!

Blogger Star said...

I love it when people ask so many questions of things that cannot answer sounds just like me ;-)

Does Florida experience the change of season to Fall?

When I walked during my lunch hours this week I found the ends of oak branches with acorns on the sidewalks (the handiwork of the squirrels) one day and bright red maple leaves the next. The temps have turned from unbearable 90s and high humidity to mid-70s and low 80s with alternate rain and sun. Fall is hear in spite of the calendar.

Blogger susan said...

"grateful for life, in all its colors" seem to always save my favorite of your lines or phrases for last :-)
i love fall too...especially when taking photos of course...and school supplies!! don't even get my started on my nerdy affection for those...

Blogger paris parfait said...

Lovely post - fall is my favourite season. I especially like seeing the leaves turn colours. I also like the appeal of new beginnings, which fall suggests.

Blogger Tammy said...

I loved new school clothes, lunch pail and school supplies. The start of fall and school are magical. Dave's grandson starts kindergarten and his excitement brings it all full circle.

BTW Thank you for being a teacher!


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