Sunday, November 4, 2007

Saving Daylight

The government has given us a gift today ~the gift of time. One precious, extra hour, to be used however we see fit, all thanks to William Willet, an Englishman who first proposed this concept of saving daylight back in the early days of the 20th century.

I like the idea of saving daylight, for I am a day person through and through. Darkness agitates and tires me~I don't see well to drive, even with headlamps on bright. My mood improves incrementally as spring lengthens into summer and daylight lasts ever longer. Conversely, as the equinox begins to shift, so does my temperment. When the sun sets outside my kitchen window before I've even begun to think about dinner, I could simply howl.

As for suddenly having an extra hour in my day, certainly if you've ever read anything I've written you know how precious time is to me. The barrage of items scrawled on my daily "to do" list always outpaces the number of hours available, so being gifted with an extra one is like gold.

So what will I be doing with this precious commodity? As I go through my day, I'll be asking myself the same question. Is this my extra hour, while I'm taking a longer than usual walk with the dogs? Is this it, puttering around Borders, where I intend to go later with my 40% off coupon? Or have I spent it already, getting up at 4:30 a.m. (which was really 5:30 a.m.) and working on NaNoWriMo?

A blog buddy of mine wrote about some of the ways she would use an extra hour in her day if we should be so fortunate to have one every day (be still my heart!). She includes a number of altruistic activities, and I'd like to think I, too, would use extra time for good deeds - visiting my elderly relatives, running errands for my neighbors, packing food baskets for our church's pantry. If I had the luxury of 25 hours every day, I hope I would be so inclined.

But since the 25 hour day comes only once per year, I confess that I plan to be totally hedonistic in my use of those 60 minutes. After all, how often do we get a freebie like this - especially from the government?

How about you? How do you plan on using your extra hour today?

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Blogger paris parfait said...

Becca, what a wonderful post! We changed the time a couple of weeks ago and I spent the extra hour working on a chapter of my book. Hope you enjoy your extra hour and your day! (How I wish I could go along to Borders - no such animal here).

Anonymous MissMeliss said...

Becca, this is wonderful.
I wasted my extra hour watching the end of a movie, but it made me laugh, and put me to sleep in a happy mood, so perhaps it wasn't waste after all.

Blogger Michele said...


This is a most wonderful post, with such truth and heart and emotion. I always love reading your writing!

Thanks for the tidbits of what you'd do with your "extra" hour ;0)


Anonymous bella said...

I slept the for the entire extra hour!! And I loved every second of it.


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