Friday, December 1, 2006


That's all I can say about this week. It's been a series of nonstop disasters, nothing life threatening, but some more serious than others. We were supposed to be at our home in Florida today, visting our kids and enjoying the near-perfect mid seventy degree temperatures. Thanks to all the calamities this week, we had to cancel the trip and are now "basking" in a combination of wind/sleet/snow that's blowing into its second day.

However...its Friday, things have returned to some semblance of normal, and I'm feeling grateful~

~for 40 minutes in Borders this morning, sipping coffee, writing in a brand new Moleskine, and reading Winter's Bone~

~Awake, a new CD from Josh Groban, especially Don't Give Up, my favorite song to replay (and replay, and replay, especially this week) ~

~that I finished my novel for NaNoWriMo before the beginning of this week from hell~

~three more days with no work, since my office is in total disarray thanks to a major renovation project~

~that I have not come down (knock wood!) with the nasty intestinal flu that's making the rounds, landing my mother in law in the hospital earlier this week~

~as always, these two:

don't you love Magic's "leaf beard"?


Blogger paris parfait said...

Sorry you've had such a bad week, but thankfully it's over. And as Scarlett said, "Fiddle dee dee, tomorrow is another day." Glad you've been reading Winter's Bone; looking forward to hearing your impressions. Writing in a new Moleskin (or an old one) is the best! And the doggie photo - that leaf beard! - is so cute. Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous bella said...

Oh, I'm sorry you had to cancel your trip, I know that must have been a bummer. Enjoy your cozy weekend at home. Cute little doggies!!

Blogger Star said...

Sorry you had to cancel your plans for Florida; it would be a welcome change indeed from this yucky weather! But I'm glad to see there are things to be grateful for at the end of the week (and looking at a 3-day weekend)! Hope you thaw out soon.

Blogger Tammy said...


Congrats on Nanowrimo! WooHoo!

Your babies are too cute!!!!


Blogger jzr said...

Those dogs are sooo adorable!! And there is much to be greatful for! Hang in there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a tough week and had to cancel on Florida. I'll bet that next week will be so excellent it'll make up for this past one!

What cute little dogs you have!

All the Best!


Blogger deirdre said...

I like that you've found gentle gifts in the midst of a hard week. It's too bad you had to cancel your trip, but it sounds like it was the right thing to do. I hope your MIL is better soon - it's a nasty bug going around.

Blogger Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Dear Becca ... how lovely for you to tap into gratitude in the midst of a challenging, stressful week. Magic & friend are gorgeous ... what lovely little companions! much peace, JP

Blogger susan said...

Yes, I DO love the leaf beard! Such a master of disguise, I almost didn't recognized him. Her? (like I said, the disguise is a good one)

So sorry your travel plans fell through...sounds as though you are taking full advantage of your time despite the situation...thatta girl!

Winter's Bone should arrive here today...can't wait to get started!

Take care of you :-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all the disappointments and sheer toughness of a hard week, I do believe stopping to count one's blessings is the best antidote. And how can you not grin when looking at those two little dogs? Loved the leaf beard!


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