Thursday, September 7, 2006

Poetry Thursday- Blue

Holding the Words

Blue line on white paper,
a faint demarcation
to order my thoughts.

I set a black word upon the line
so as not to frighten it.
Slightly breathless, I lift my pen
allowing the word to balance there

It totters slightly ~
hopefully, it will right itself,
settle into place with confidence and authority.

Just a black word on a blue line ~
a small offering
to a world outside my own.
A small piece of my soul
placed tenderly upon the line
so your eye may caress it.

Carefully now ~
it's a delicate balance that word has achieved.
Go easy in your perusal,
Be kind in your assessment
~for it carries my heart.
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Blogger susan said...

just so you know...i was already saying "OMG" at the first i must go back and read the rest...

Blogger susan said...

this poem is like a graceful tightrope walker that you cannot take your eyes off of, you hold your breath in spite of the fact that you know the skill and expertise will bring the entire thing to a successful close
my favorite line is "I lift my pen/allowing the word to balance there"
I C&P it into WP, set it in a delicate type, light periwinkle font and it is hanging on my file cabinet next to my calendar :-)

Blogger Star said...

This is beautiful, Becca. This poem seems like a hopeful girl just learning her positions in ballet, wanting to be graceful and fulfill the intent of the dance yet uncertain and lacking the confidence that will come with practice--a word so fragile sitting there all alone on its line, hoping for approval--and gettin mine!

Blogger paris parfait said...

This is a stunning poem, Becca! Really well done! So many wonderful lines, I don't know which touches me more. Probably "...It totters slightly - hopefully, it will right itself, settle into place with confidence and authority." Bravo, Becca!

Blogger Bibi said...

"... small piece of my soul ..."
Love it!

Blogger Helen said...

This is so beautiful.. What a wonderful poem.
I agree with everyone of your comments.
Well Done :)

Blogger deirdre said...

I set a black word upon the line
so as not to frighten it.

I love this line - it give life and personality to each word. Love, love this poem.

Anonymous bella said...

This was truly beautiful. Offering your thoughts is a delicate thing to do - and here you write so eloquently about it. I loved reading this poem.

Blogger AnnieElf said...

Oh Becca, you could have stopped at the first haiku and it would have been enough. The group as a whole though is so rich. I'm glad you kept going.

Blogger tumblewords said...

A beautiful description of the process - very poetic!

Blogger GreenishLady said...

I'm so glad PT suggested this return to a favourite post. - I can't believe the gems I missed first time around. The delicacy of this poem is marvellous.

Blogger Fledgling Poet said...

This poem describes to perfection how it feels that first time you tentatively set out to write a poem...a little piece of you inked onto the paper, feeling so exposed and vulnerable. Of one thing I have no doubt -- I am truly grateful that you started writing poetry because you are a beautiful writer!! Thank you so much for sharing this one again...I'm so glad I got to see it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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